Le NC 859 est triste, il n’ira pas à Ushuaia pour promouvoir l’aéronautique française et sa jeunesse !

Il n’y aura aucun avion français dans le rallye, l’équipage français sélectionné ayant choisi un avion américain Waco.

Maintenant qu’il est équipé “Grand Raid”, le NC volera vers d’autres cieux exotiques.

Son rêve brisé aura fait connaître l’APPARAT et son musée :


Merci à Yves Le Bec pour son dessin.

Ci-dessous, le verdict implacable de Vintage Air Rally.

A bientôt pour d’autres aventures.


Pierre Jarrige.


The game is played, the dice are thrown... ��

 But first, the #VintageAirRally Team would like to say #ThankYou �� to all applicants for entering this #competition, for candidly sharing your lives and stories with us, for taking the risk to not be chosen. 

 Without you, this #incredible journey wouldn't have been possible and we are very grateful to all of you. As you witnessed, we've had truly #amazing applications: people with unbelievable aviation skills, people with no aviation skills, vintage planes with real-life stories but also endearing, funny and strong characters, ... 

 So how to choose, now that we have got to know you so well? Now that so many people have pledged their support for you?

 Well, it has been with difficulty - lots of Grit! Believe us! - and pain in the heart that we had to come to the decision of whom to let go. We hope though that, even for those for whom the story ends here (at least for this #Ushuaia2USA), the experience has nonetheless been a fascinating one from which you gained in some way, be it by reconnecting with some of your old friends, making new internet-aviation-friends or living funny moments making your videos...

 Enough talk for now! Who are the final #LUCKY15

 In alphabetical country-order, DRUM ROLLS:

 AUSTRALIA - Lachie Smart and Ryan Campbell

AUSTRALIA - Chris Hunter and Nick Robertson

BRAZIL - Eddy Eipper and Rodrigo Damboriarena

FRANCE - Antoine Vignier and Philippe Nicolas de Moreau

IRELAND - James and Matthew McCullough

ITALY - Cesare Leonardi and Corrado Spagna

ITALY - Piero Angiolillo and Simona Balestri

NORWAY - Håvard Dale and Kim-Andrè Vågene 

POLAND - Jacek Mainka and Marcin Kubrak

UK - Tom Milsom and Robin Russell

UK – Amanda Harrison and Mike Wigg

USA – Val Thal-Slocum and Amy Hoffpauir

USA - Dustin Mosher and Diane Barney

USA - Kyle Bushman and Brian Harper

USA - Ernie Betancourt and Allison Paige Driver

 We wish them luck, and hope they are ready for Grit (and maybe Glory)